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Fifine Ampligame A8 USB RGB Gaming Microphone

Fifine Ampligame A8 USB RGB Gaming Microphone

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  • Four Pickup Patterns: Triple capsule array consists of four select-able polar patterns for different use dimensions to the gaming microphone. Cardioid minimizes side and rear noises to deliver rich, full-bodied sound. Stereo uses both the front and rear channels to capture width and reality for accuracy of both sides. Omni-directional picks up sound from all around the PC microphone to grasp equal voices. Bi-directional suits for face-to-face communication but less echo or reverb issues.
  • Smooth Open Voice: Condenser USB microphone improves sensitivity and smoothness of the sound. Gives your teammates feeling like you were right next to them. Broader frequency response delivers warmer and livelier voice better for your audience to lock in your streaming programs. S/N ratio of more than 70dB tightens up audio quality and reduce noise. Computer microphone used with pop filter and shock mount endures pops or distortion from your mouth-breathing.
  • Monitoring and Gain Knob: Headphones jack provides game voice monitoring without random cut in or out. Clearly hear teammates you're talking to as well as yourself to get an instant feedback whether too loud or not. Featured a gain knob, the gaming microphone PC allows adjustable sensitivity to be made and translates consistently cleaner recording, adding color to your podcast and Discord/Twitch. The desktop streaming microphone with user-friendly function makes you focus on your task.
  • Intuitive Audio Control: Tap-to-mute button built in the podcast microphone offsets the imperfection of setting up a hotkey. You can quickly mute yourself during a stream to avoid accidental background sound. If you are in OBS or full-screen game, no need to tap shortcut keys or adjust via software. External headphones volume control gives ability to adjust monitoring level quiet or loud. The PC gaming mic helps you balance the sound between game music and friend communication.
  • Visual Element RGB: RGB lights roll through on the streaming microphone for PC like the rainbow changing bit by bit, or stay in a single color. LED scheme full of popular elements is the distinction from other streamer YouTube content. Tap the RGB button to switch colors to make it sync perfectly with your gaming streaming rig and lighting. The RGB microphone helps you standout while break the rank. It can be also turned off as a discreet look for business meeting or video conference.
  • For Play, For Work: The desktop USB microphone can be automatically recognized on computer or PS4/PS5, no issue in WINDOS/MAC OS. Tap the center part of recording microphone pickup pattern button to gain options for extreme versatility. You can select cardioid for gaming, live streaming, voice-over or dictation, stereo for vocal, music instrument recording or ASMR, omni-directional for multi-person business conference or talk-show, bi-directional for two-person podcasting or interview.
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